Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Opening Salvo, a Love Letter/List

For the opening blog post, in the spirit of the wonderful book '1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die',  I present

100 (mostly) Old School Electronic Music Albums You Must Hear Before You Die
(in alphabetical order of Artist)

Arc - Arcturus
Arc - Blaze
Altus - Coma Cluster
Altus - The Grand Expanse
Brendan Pollard - Flux Echoes
Brian Eno - Another Green World
Catharsis - Et S'Aimer... Et Mourir
Cluster - Qua
Cluster and Eno - Cluster and Eno
Claude Perraudin - Mutation 24
Conrad Schnitzler - Ballet Statique (Con)
Dweller At The Threshold - Generation, Transmission, Illumination
Dwight Ashley, Han-Joachim Roedelius, Tim Story - Errata
Edgar Froese - Epsilon In Malaysian Pale
Frank Van Bogaert - Closer
Frank Van Bogaert - Geographic
Frank Van Bogaert - Nomads
Free System Projekt - Moyland
Free System Projekt - Gent
Free System Projekt and Dweller At The Threshold - Passenger 4
Fripp and Eno - Evening Star
Gert Emmens - A Boy’s World
Gert Emmens - The Tale of the Warlock
Giles Reaves - Wunjo
Harold Budd - The Pearl
Ian Boddy - Box of Secrets
Javi Cánovas - In This Moment, In This Place
Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene
Jean Michel Jarre - Zoolook
Jeffrey Koepper - Sequentaria
Jihel - Lost Oasis
Joël Fajerman - La Aventura De Las Plantas
John Dyson - Darklight
John Foxx - Cathedral Oceans I & II
John Lakveet and Dom F Scab - Silent Mars
Jonn Serrie - And The Stars Go With You
Kevin Braheny - Galaxies
Klaus Schulze - Cyborg
Klaus Schulze - Timewind
Klaus Schulze - X
Kraftwerk - Autobahn
Kraftwerk - Computer World
Kraftwerk - Trans-Europe Express
Louis and Bebe Barron - Forbidden Planet (OST)
Mark Dwane - Other Worlds
Mark Isham - Vapor Drawings
Michael Garrison - In the Regions of Sunreturn
Michael Hoenig - Departure From The Northern Wasteland
Michael Stearns - Chronos
Pandemonium - Ville Ouverte
Patrick O’Hearn - Eldorado
Patrick O’Hearn - Indigo
Paul Ellis - The Infinity Room
Paul Ellis & Craig Padilla - Echo System
Peter Baumann - Romance 76
Peter Kuhlmann - The Sunken Road
Peter Mergener - Beam-Scape
Peter Michael Hamel - Nada
Redshift - Redshift
Redshift - Toll
Redshift - Faultline
Redshift - Last
Richard Pinhas - East West
Richard Pinhas - L’ethique
Richard Burmer -Bhakti Point
Richard Vimal - Aquarythmies-Migration
Robert Rich - Music From Atlas Dei
Robert Schroeder - Harmonic Ascendant
Robert Scott Thompson - At the Still Point of the Turning World
Rogue Element - Premonition
Ron Boots - Different Stories and Twisted Tales
Rudy Adrian - Kinetic Flow
Rudy Adrian - Par Avion
Synergy - Cords
Synergy - Audion
Saul Stokes - Abstraction
Saul Stokes - Zo Pilots
Saul Stokes - Vast
Stars Of The Lid - The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid
Stars Of The Lid - And Their Refinement of the Decline
Steve Roach - Dreamtime Return
Steve Roach - Dynamic Stillness
Steve Roach - The Magnificent Void
Tangerine Dream - Phaedra
Tangerine Dream - Rubycon
Tangerine Dream - Stratosfear
Tangerine Dream - Tangram (1980 ver.)
Tangerine Dream - Le Parc
Tim Clark - Tales of the Sun People
Tim Story and Hans Joachim Roedelius - Lunz
Under The Dome - Bellerophon
Urban Sax - Urban Sax 2
Vangelis - Albedo 0.39
Vangelis - Blade Runner
Vangelis - China
Vangelis - L'Apocalypse Des Animaux
Vangelis - Voices
Wendy Carlos - A Clockwork Orange
Wendy Carlos - Beauty in the Beast
Zanov - Green Ray

Some of these pieces of music are hard to find, some of them are free on the web. I didn't add pointers to where you can purchase any of these, because this is more of a love letter than a commercial effort. I'm sure you have your opinions about what I've left out that should be here, so feel free to comment.

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