Sunday, May 2, 2010

Can we stop with the "It's all been done before".

     I  went out last night, with my family, and did the 'Gallery-Hop' here in Columbus Ohio. Every first Saturday of the month, art galleries located in the Short North District of Columbus, keep their doors open till 11PM, and a major crowd walks up and down High Street, checking out the art galleries, clothing and jewelery stores, cafe restaurants, and bars. It's a great, cheap night out!
     Along with the action groups and street vendors, you will find a healthy contingent of street musicians. One person acoustic guitarists, accordion duos, and conga drum trios play their music for people who stop to listen, and occasionally drop a dollar in a hat (times are lean, and the hats were probably a little less full last night).
     I bring this up here, because I've never heard anyone say "It's all been done before" to, or about, the guitarist playing pop songs from the 1980s and 90s or the accordion players squeezing out some ambient-ish tune like out of an old Italian movie. I constantly read this bogus 'It's all been done before' criticism in reference to Berlin School style music.Yet on High Street last night, no one was playing 'New' music. A good reason why is their audience would be small and their hats would be empty.
     There was one band playing prog-jazz on electrified instruments, in a small alley. They had a large number of on-lookers, and they were hot. I'd pay to see them again.

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