Thursday, December 23, 2010

The 2K Decade, the Second Renaissance

Looking back, I think the last decade has been the best decade since the 1970s. We have seen a rebirth of interest in Berlin School style of electronic music. There are a huge number of artists releasing music in this style, persons I had never heard of 10 years ago. People like Alpha Wave Movement, Arc, Brendan Pollard, Free System Projekt, Gert Emmens, Javi C├ínovas, Jeffrey Koepper, Paul Ellis, Uwe Reckzeh, and Volt have become widely known and are releasing compelling new music. Add to it the people who got started in the 90s and include the names of artists producing similar music in closely related genres, and the list gets very long.
The Berlin School genre has grown to encompass shorter format songs and rely more on melody and less on atmosphere. CDs are selling to a more mature core fan base that still wants to own a physical piece of art. And I don't see any evidence of it slowing down soon. It's a great time to be listening and the best is yet to come! Happy new year to you all.

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