Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mobile Solutions, or the lack of.

I bought a tablet recently, an Apple iPad 4. I wanted something to fit my mobile lifestyle (I live and work in a truck). I was hoping to find a music sketch pad app, something like Deluxe Music Construction Set I had on an Amiga computer. But there is nothing quite like it available. I don't have much hope of finding one either, as the whole touch screen style entry/editor is proving to be inadequate. Good for a calculator, reading comics or playing a game of Scorched Earth, but clumsy for moving notes up and down on a musical staff (or as a word processor). My fingers are just to big. They obscure the popup menus and  never place the editing cursor where I want it. The whole touch screen interface is to a mouse, what an Etch-a-Sketch is to a paint brush. Maybe I'll just dedicate it to being a sampler or wave table synth (PPG Wavegenerator sounds pretty good).